Augmented Reality in Israel’s Silicon Valley

Augmented Reality in Israel’s Silicon Valley

Infinity Augmented Reality, Inc. or “Infinity AR” The first augmented reality software platform to connect universally with digital eye-wear, smartphones and tablet, have declared to have setup a research and developmentcentres in the new silicon valley of Israel the heart of Tel Aviv.

This new strategically placed R&D centre will allow more progressive technologies to come into light. This is not the only research facility for testing for infinity AR’s study, but according to the CEO Enon Landenberg, the facility is to serve as the springboard form which the all augmented product will originate.

Tel Aviv, which currently hosts more than 1,200 high-tech firms over 700 early-stage start-ups, is ranked the subsequent most entrepreneurial heat zone in the world, following California’s Silicon Valley. The addition of the R&D Centre for Infinity AR is another aggressive move by the company. With this the Infinity AR uses its business intelligence and technological resources that can be garnered in Israel. Infinity AR’s research will be utilizing about 15 employees, the majority of which will be software engineers and developers. Infinity AR is going to grow the facility in the coming months with more people.

Always looking for advancement in technology, this facility will serve Infinity AR as an advantagein their entrepreneurial spirit as well. According to Enon Landenberg, Infinity AR has put the mother lode in Israel and they are happy about the settings for creating, assembling, testing and retesting the new augmented reality platforms for people.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a platform in which the actual sensory inputs are accompanied with additional information of relevant digital information fromthe internet. Using specially equipped eye wares, virtual images, audio & video than are superimposed over which is actually seen and heard. Creating a heightening experience of the real.

Augmented reality needs a medium like the smartphone or an AR glasses. Which will give the overlaid images and videos in real-time. Companies like Adsutck are changing the way the user sees the world and interacts with it. Augmented reality software like Areal allows any smartphone user to scan his environment and find AR contents, which then is readily processed by the augmented reality browser giving, extra information from the pointed object via the phones camera. This can also be incorporated with an AR glasses, which the wearer can use just by putting them on. The user may also choose to temporarily detach form the real world in a safe setting and enjoy virtually created world in visuals along with audio.

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