Kindle Keyboard

Kindle Keyboard

kindlekeyboardPeople couldn’t help but compare which Kindle is best – there is Kindle Fire that comes in full color; there is Kindle Keyboard and there is Kindle Touch Screen. Some say Kindle Touch Screen is better but not all wants to tap a virtual keyboard; the others love the old convenience that Kindle Keyboard brings. With all the Kindle hype going on, how would you know which Kindle suits you?

Or better yet, better you decide to purchase a Kindle Keyboard, you may need to know ten things about Kindle first. Kindle Keyboard may not be the one you want or it could be but the thing is, you need to understand first the benefits (and the downside) you can get if you buy yourself a Kindle.

We get it, you have this insatiable lust for a Kindle device. It takes a lot of self control before you could stop yourself from purchasing the Kindle Keyboard. You may find another reason of buying – you may use the excuse that you are buying for your wife for that matter. Some people try to ignore the temptation when Kindle Keyboard was introduced in the market. So it is only wise to weigh some options; what are the pros and cons in having a Kindle Keyboard?

Kindle is expensive for starters – Amazon CEO insists on selling Kindles for $359 each. But then if you look at it in the long run, Kindle may not be so expensive after all. If it can store 200 e-books, then how much do you think it would cost you to buy 200 books from your favourite bookstore?

Kindle comes only in grey color and this may not be that attractive for people who want more life and fun in their E-book readers.

Kindle only does one thing or one Twitter follower wouldn’t have called it a “monotasking hardware”. Yes sure, no one minds a gadget with a single purpose only. And maybe someday, you’ll get too overwhelmed by reading almost 200 e-books right?

Kindle has this capability to go slow – in fact Amazon has speed its page turning by 20% already. But then it still isn’t that fast enough for some users. Loading e-books and simply navigating menus can also be slow sometimes.

Kindle is not as tough as the real books. You can drop a book and not worry it won’t work the next day. Kindle is a bit more complex than the old fashioned books. But then if you want to travel light or you don’t want to carry extra weight on your shoulders, you can count on the convenience that Kindle brings.

You can also read books from your laptop and IPhone, right? So what’s the use of Kindle again? This may be one of the questions that some curious folks would like to know. Well, the screen of the IPod book reader is not big enough to fit enough text. And this could be a strain to the eyes. And a computer monitor can also make one feel he is working and not leisurely reading.

Finallky, if you don’t want to use the Kindle Keyboard, your answer is that now there is the Kindle Touch screen, another great product worth checking out!

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