Sennheiser DW Pro 2 Wireless Headset For Desk Phones Proves its Worth

Sennheiser DW Pro 2 Wireless Headset For Desk Phones Proves its Worth

When it comes to headsets, the brand Sennheiser is considered a trusted name; everybody knows the brand’s commitment to upholding function, style, and innovation, such that big call centers only swear by Sennheiser headsets for their daily operations. But apart from this, the brand is also known for producing “specialty” headsets – the type that meets very specific requirements for focused applications. One of these headsets is the newest one, actually, from the Sennheiser DW Pro 2 Wireless Headset line which is the DW30PH or Sennheiser DW Pro 2 Phone Wireless Headset; it is touted as the best quality headset to work with a desk phone.

Sennheiser DW Pro 2 Wireless Headset

Although its functionalities are considered quite basic, it’s designed in such a way that among all products in its category, it’s the one that performs the clearest and most effectively. Its noise cancelling microphone makes it the most ideal product to use in noisy environments. Another vital quality of this product that’s definitely worth highlighting is the high definition voice clarity; for people who are on the phone for the most part of the work day, the crisp and clear sound transmitted to and from the phone is definitely like nothing else (some have even described it as 3D for the ears) even at a range of up to 180 meters from the desk phone! Therefore, for companies that want to make the best impression in every aspect of their operations, this headset is one product that can help with that goal.

Now, when it comes to the physical design, it’s tailor-made for high durability – even people who tend to be careless with headsets will find that the DW30PH fares better in withstanding the abuses of daily careless use. As for comfort, this was greatly considered by Sennheiser as well and this model can be worn for long hours without causing much discomfort to the user.

The battery for this headset is an important plus feature, too, because it charges really fast. Unlike other headset batteries that usually take more than an hour to charge up to 50 percent, the DW30PH battery only take 20 minutes to charge to have enough power to last half a work day. But when it’s fully charged, the battery promises an uninterrupted eight hours of talk time on high quality wideband – that’s pretty much an entire day at work already.

This headset model still offers a multitude of other capabilities, and by referring to the manual it comes with every now and then, users will surely find fresh ways to use it for a specific purpose.

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